In our House, I accept a loanword depending on a symptom of a patient in 3 following facilities.
  • At the time of normal loanwordNew Tokyo clinic

    Internal Medicine / Digestive organ internal medicine / Surgery / Orthopedic surgery / Plastic surgery / Vanity surgery / Neurosurgery / Head and neck surgery / Dermatology / Urology / Orthopedic Surgery / Ophthalmology

  • At the time of cardiovascular system, diabetes internal medicine loanwordNew Tokyo heart clinic

    Cardiology / Cardiovascular Surgery / Diabetes internal medicine

  • At the time of hospitalization, first aidNew Tokyo Hospital

    Hospitalization / Emergency outpatient / 2-day dock

Guidance of the medical treatment

  • Office hours
    9:00~12:00 / 14:00~17:00
  • Reception time
    8:00~11:30 / 13:30~16:00
  • Closing the office information
    Sunday, Holiday
  • Key number
  • Change reservation
    Accepted at New Tokyo Clinic and New Tokyo Heart Clinic
The first aid is accepted innew Tokyo Hospitalfor
24 hours for 365 days

Facilities introduction

Reliable structure having the power equipment that the building of 7 stories above the ground can secure a medical treatment function at the time of seismic isolator and the disaster.We gathered a function every each floor to support the altitude medical care that had high emergency quickly.

It becomes the effective placement that all floor from the first floor to the seventh floor thought about conducting wire.In addition, gave you a space to cope with the reinforcement of facilities by a change of the future medical treatment environment and the medical advancement flexibly; is designed.

  • 4~7F
    Ward area

    Floor of healing that is kind to both patient and staff by the conducting wire security that it is easy to watch

    • Sickroom
    • lounge
    • day room
    • staff station
  • 3F
    management area

    The quiet, calm floor where I arranged a section and a rehabilitation room pro-management, office work for

    • Rehabilitation room
    • office
    • lecture hall
    • population dialysis room
    • one-day center
    • central supply room
  • 2F
    highly advanced medical technology area

    The floor that becomes the nucleus of new Tokyo hospital providing the highest highly advanced medical technology

    • Operating room
    • angiography room
    • ICU
    • CCU
    • HCU
  • 1F
    Area medical for the immediate nature period

    The floor that I gather a casualty and an inspection room, and becomes the face of the new Tokyo Hospital corresponding to the quickness for medical care for the highly immediate nature period

    • Entrance hallbv
    • lobby
    • outpatient department
    • drugstore
    • casualty
    • examination of radiation room
    • nuclear medicine room
    • examination of menstruation room
    • endoscopy room
    • nourishment management room
    • clinical survey